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Peer Review Policy

  • Reviewer(s) play an importantpart in scholarly publishing. Vigyan Varta An International E-Magazine for Science Enthusiastsuses peer review process.
  • Peer review helps to validate articles, establish a method by which it can beevaluated, and increase networking possibilities within research communities without prejudice.
  • All submitted papers will be reviewed by peer review process.
  • We advise all theauthor(s) to do not submit same paper to the multiple journals.
  • Vigyan VartaAn International E-Magazine for Science Enthusiasts is committed to prompt evaluation andpublication of articles.
  • To maintain a high-quality publication, allsubmissions undergo a rigorous review process.
  • Manuscripts submitted to the Vigyan VartaAn International E-Magazine for Science Enthusiasts are approved by the Editor-in-chief followed by formal peer review process conducted in collaboration with editorial board members and independent referees.
  • Authors will be informed when Editors decide further review is required. Allpublication decisions are made by the journal’s Editors-in-Chief on the basis of thereferees’ reports (reviewers report).
  • Articles should be written in Standard English. The authors should ensure that the language and grammar of the article is correct.
  • Editors evaluate submitted manuscriptsfor their intellectual content without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy of the authors.
  • Editors and editorial staff will not disclose any information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author and reviewers.
  • All submitted manuscripts are treated as confidential documents. All submittedpapers will be reviewed by review process.
  • Articles must be original and contribute substantially to the advancement of agriculture and biological science knowledge.
  • Papers found unsuitable in terms of the overall requirements of the e-magazine will be treated as rejected and notified to the authors.
  • Articles will be notified to the authors for acceptance, need for revision paper.
  • Illustrations and other materials to be reproduced from other publications must be properly credited; it is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission for reproduction of figures, tables, etc. from published sources.