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Vigyan Varta
An International E-Magazine for Science Enthusiasts

Vigyan Varta An International E-Magazine for Science Enthusiasts is an online multidisciplinary peer reviewed magazine covering all the domains of science. Manuscripts that are well structured and organized in any relevant field of science are given preference. It publishes all types of writings including popular articles, newsletters, meeting reports, success stories, etc that undergo a peer review by the strong editorial team that we have.

It promotes scientific acumen from various fields of science, viz, Agriculture & Horticulture, Fisheries Sciences, Animal & Veterinary Sciences, Food & Dairy Technology, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences, Management, Forestry, Botany, Zoology, Physiology, Medical & Clinical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer science, Commerce, etc.

Vigyan Varta

Features of the e-Magazine

  • Online platform for knowledge dissemination.
  • Open and unrestricted access for all viewers.
  • 12 issues per year.
  • Covers all domains of science.
  • Rapid and hassle-free publication. Publication within 7-days of acceptance.
  • No processing or submission charges (just a very nominal manuscript publication charge)
  • Strong editorial team.
  • An e-certificate of publication will be provided to the authors after publication of manuscript.

We believe in continuous learning and exploration. Therefore, we are providing certain insightful links in the News and Updates Section for the authors to read and explore the various aspects of scientific writing. This website is a platform for all budding researchers and science lovers for developing acumen in scientific writing. We also believe that gaining knowledge is a mutual process. In case you would like to share any of your ideas, innovative writing or helpful information for scientific domain, please free feel to share with us. We will be happy to collaborate with your ideas. Let us make this a beautiful journey of learning.