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Agroforestry: A Tool to Save the Planet

Agroforestry is a traditional land use system that may contribute to the solution of environmental degradation that arises due to natural and anthropogenic activities. Agroforestry is the practice of deliberately integrating woody vegetation (trees or shrubs) with crops and/or animal systems to benefit from the resulting ecological and economic interactions. Agriculture is currently a major net producer of greenhouse gasses and one of the reasons for the current biodiversity crises. Climate change has a great impact on agricultural ecosystems. Moreover, urbanization, industrialization and population explosion results in unbalanced environment. Agroforestry systems incorporating trees in crop cultivation or livestock systems can help to enhance carbon sequestration and to compensate for ongoing biodiversity loss. Agroforestry provides numerous provisioning, regulating, cultural and supporting ecosystem services and environmental benefits while promoting eco-intensification based on a more efficient use of the resources.