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An Insight into Recalcitrant Seeds of Forestry Species in India

Recalcitrant seeds, which cannot tolerate desiccation, pose significant challenges for the storage and germination of forestry species in India. This article provides insights into the characteristics, storage challenges, and germination requirements associated with recalcitrant seeds. The storage sensitivity of recalcitrant seeds limits their viability, affecting their availability for reforestation and afforestation programs. Immediate sowing in a suitable environment with high moisture levels and favorable temperatures is crucial for successful germination. Despite the challenges, the inclusion of recalcitrant species in forest restoration efforts is vital for maintaining biodiversity, ecosystem services, and supporting rural livelihoods. This article provides information regarding germination and storage viability of recalcitrant seeds. The conservation and utilization of recalcitrant seeds are inevitable for sustaining forest ecosystems and promoting sustainable development in India.