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Hysterectomy's Impact on Female Sugarcane Workers of Beed District of Maharashtra

The sugarcane industry in Maharashtra's, Beed district heavily relies on migrant labourers, primarily couples to meet production requirements. But these workers endure harsh living conditions without basic necessities such as proper sanitation and clean drinking water. The strenuous working conditions, societal taboos around menstruation, and financial stress have led to an increase in hysterectomies among female sugarcane labourers. In recent years thousands of women in Beed district had undergone this surgery contributing to Maharashtra's status as the leader in hysterectomy rates nationwide. Mukadams play an important role in organizing labour and ensuring timely production, act as intermediaries between labourers and sugar mills. The pressure to meet targets can result in exploiting and endangering the health of female workers. They might choose to have hysterectomies to avoid fines or loss of income due to pregnancy and menstruation. This article highlights the intricate economical, social and health implications faced by female cane cutters of Maharashtra shedding light on the immediate need for better working conditions and support systems in the industries.