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Strategies to Bridge Gender Issues in Agriculture

The farm women are cultured in Indian agriculture. Their participation begins from seeding to harvesting and post harvest activities. Simultaneously, women also contribute in home front. ILO data estimates that 16.4 billion hours are spent on unpaid care work every day globally. This is the equivalent of 2 billion people (1 in 4 people worldwide) working 8 hours per day with no remuneration (Ward, 2022a). In spite of that, women's contribution is out of recognition and the issues they face are ignored. To identify the grass root level challenges of farm women, this particular study was made in Kanas block of Puri district in Odisha. Some of the major challenges were: less participation in extension programmes, low wage rate, lack of land ownership, over burden of work, limited access to resources and services, less participation in decision making, drudgery, less contact with change agents, lack of mobility and violence. Accordingly, strategies have been developed to overcome those challenges.